Phonograms Fun!

Delightful English Reading Lessons for Young Learners

Got Eager Young Learners?

Not sure where to begin or how to find the time to work with your child on a regular basis?  Try Phonograms Fun, it’s better than “Open and Go” curriculum…it does the teaching for you!


A Great Helper For Busy Mothers!

Did you ever wish that you had an extra helping hand around the house…like a tutor to help out with lessons?  Have you ever thought if you just had a helper you could really be consistent and help your kids make progress in their education…even if things got hectic?  Start helping your child learn how to read for just pennies a day. 


You Can Have Success With the Right Tools!

Using Phonograms Fun with your youngest learners is like having a professional reading tutor by your side.  You can use it at your own pace, any time, any place, and on any device.  Take it with you on the go for those busy days.  Stay connected to find out about the release of our latest products….there are subsequent reading and grammar courses coming soon!  T&L Virtue Farm online lessons help you spend one-on-one time with each child while maintaining a calm and productive learning environment. 


“It’s The Perfect Balance of Convenient Online Lessons and Personal Interaction.” 

- Monica L. (parent)

Help Your Child Gain Independence

Once a child learns to read, he or she can become a much more independent learner.  Most children can learn to read quickly and easily under a phonogram-based approach to reading where the instruction method is simple and CONSISTENT.  Sometimes consistency can be difficult for busy  families to achieve.  Phonograms Fun helps you achieve that consistency.  You don’t need 5 levels of a complicated reading curriculum to teach your child to read, you just need a helper. 


Quality Instruction Gives You Quality Time

Our research-based programs were created by a team of early childhood educators, English instructors, and homeschooling parents who wanted to help families and teachers to consistently and simultaneously meet the diverse needs of their students.  Phonograms Fun is just one of our several educational programs that has already been used in home and classroom settings by thousands of students with great success.  Above and beyond the high quality of the program content and instruction, the format of the program provides the much needed consistency and one on one interaction between student and parent/teacher that is so important in helping the child to develop reading skills at a healthy pace.


Delightful Online Lessons that Maintain the Human Element

Each lesson includes beautiful and interactive video content taught by real teachers rather than by computerized games or cartoon characters.  And with Phonograms Fun you get so much more than just beginning reading instruction.  Each lesson incorporates music as well as nature and art studies.  In addition, all lessons include hands on activities that are great for helping little learners develop fine motor skills.


Fun and Engaging Printable Activities with Each Lesson

No need to spend time gathering materials to go with the lessons, all the prep work is done for you.  Simply print out the activities with each lesson and use them with your child right away.  We have provided plenty of activities for each lesson so that you and your child can pick and choose the ones that are right for you.  Complete as many or as few of the activities as you want.  The printable activities were designed to help your child review the concepts taught in each lesson, to develop fine motor skills, and most of all to provide a change of pace in the lessons while encouraging interaction between the child and family members.


Save Money

Costs 30% less than the most popular reading programs

Save Time

Efficient Lessons leave more time for the things you love

Enjoy Success!

Consistent lessons, better results