Lesson 01 - Aa

Lesson 02 - Bb

Lesson 03 - Cc

Lesson 04 - Dd

Lesson 05 - Ee

Lesson 06 - Ff

Lesson 07 - Gg

Lesson 08 - Hh

Lesson 09 - ee

Lesson10 - Review

Parent Lesson Plans Download

Lesson Tips:
1. Start by letting your child practice one lesson per week.  You can spread the lesson plan activities and printable activities out over the course of the week.  Observe your child to see whether he or she should move more quickly or more slowly through the lesson material.
2. Following the lesson order will make it easier to remember which lessons have been mastered and which lessons are new.
3. Printable activities in each lesson can be bound together to make a book, placed in a folder, or even cut and pasted onto file folders to make interactive lapbooks.
4. The lessons are around 20 minutes each.  Some children will be able to do the whole lesson in one sitting.  For others, it may be better to watch the lessons in 5 or 10 minute portions throughout the day or week.
5. Repetition is great for learning!  Your child can watch the lessons as many times as needed.
6. Please let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to assist you. 
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